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Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box

Wanted, suggestions for a new model engine casting kit. We are looking to build patterns and drawings for a new model and would love to hear from you.

We are not looking to make a model that already exists by another manufacturer but something that is unusual or should have been done already. Submitting your idea does not necessarily mean that we will build that engine, but we genuinely desire to sift through the suggestion box for our next engine kit.

For this stage of the process, it is not necessary to provide too much detailed information. When we choose an engine, we will try to find an original so that we can measure it in great detail. Please submit as much of the following as possible so that we can make our decision.

  •  Type of engine (ei. Steam, Hot air, Gas, ..)
  •  Name of Mfgr.
  •  Year of Mfgr.
  •  Size (ie. Hp, Piston, …)
  •  Physical size (including a few major dimensions)
  •  Brief description of the engine including any unique features
  •  Location of an original and the name of the owner.
  •  A few descriptive photos

IMPORTANT: Please provide for us a way to contact you if we choose to go ahead with this project.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

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